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Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

Hair Transplantation in istanbul

In the hair transplantation realized with the FUE method, the hair follicles are taken one by one over the skin with hair by way of small scaled equipments (punch) without realizing any cutting operations. This method can be applied to everyone who is above 18 years of age.

Part of Beauty Center that making Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

The needs and zone of the hair transplantation of the relevant person are first determined and then the hairs are shaved and shortened. The area wherein the hair follicles will be taken is desensitized by way of local anesthesia. Patients are telling that they feel no pain or ache during this operation. Patients are conscious during this operation. They can listen to music or watch TV. Healthy hair follicles are taken along with the epithelial tissue from the back of the neck and upper parts of the ears where we called as donor area by way of punch called equipment without any pain from the patient under local anesthesia. Following after this procedure, the graft channels are opened on the zone equal with the numbers of the grafts taken on the zone where the transplantation procedure to be applied. These grafts are placed one by one inside the channels opened beforehand. These procedures last approximately 6-8 hours. In one session average of 1500-4500 grafts can be placed and transplanted. After making medical dressing on the back of the neck, it is closed with the compression bandage. 2- 3 days later the bandages are opened and the hair is washed and then patient washes his/her hair everyday at home.

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Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

FUE method is accepted as the most successful method for hair transplantation. The success ratio of the FUE method changes proportionally with the experience of the medical doctor and his/her team; their techniques and punctiliousness. The transplanted hairs are the natural hairs of the patient. There are no traces of sutures and it is expected to be life-time persistent under normal circumstances.


The most important advantage of the FUE method is that the transplanted hairs look completely natural. Following after the hair transplantation, new hairs start to grow approximately within 3 months and this process continues up to 12-14 months and at the end of this process the hairs reach to the form it is desired.


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